Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Too much choice?

How do we know when we have found what were looking for when were not 100% sure of what it is we want?

Were surrounded by choices in life, never have we had so much choice yet is choice really all its cracked up to be?
How can we make the right choice when there so many options?

There are  books out here who tell us if you think about things enough you will get it, I own the book I've read all the pages but how can it help when I don't know what I truly want? Or more to the point what do you do when what you want today changes tomorrow?

Yesterday I was wanting to be a successful business woman, a wife and mother spending my days between looking after the kids and working doing what I love with a man I love today well that's another story.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Tick Tock

I love babies, I really do, both my jobs  involve babies.
There are the best est things in the world a blessing from God some say but do women ever stop wanting babies?

I have 2 kids and I love them to bits, being a parent is the hardest job I do.
Ive always been a single parent,not the smartest decision I agree but I have always just got on with it.

I never once set out to have kids,They just kinda happened and I wouldn't change them for the world.
Ive always said I'm having no more and people have said 'You cant say that,what if you meet a man you love,You'll have kids with him' and Ive laughed at them.
I have now met a man  and as much as I love babies, I still don't think I want anymore.

Wanting a baby for most is a longing deep down in there heart and I do have (everytime I cuddle a baby its there) that but reality sets in and I think of the long term, costs,bigger cars etc etc


Does this longing ever go away for some women? Will I wake one morning and think I don't like babies anymore? Will I need to change jobs?
What make some women have kids and some not?

Theres no easy answer I know that but will I wait till its too late??

Sunday, 28 August 2011

starting off.

I have never really seen the attraction of blogging to be honest, why would someone want to read all about me and the silly things I do in my day to day life.
Writing doesnt come easy to me so this is my challange, To write informally and get into putting things on paper so to speak.

Im not sure about what I'll be writing in the future but Im sure I'll think of something.

Hope I dont bore you all!

E x