Monday, 5 September 2011

Tick Tock

I love babies, I really do, both my jobs  involve babies.
There are the best est things in the world a blessing from God some say but do women ever stop wanting babies?

I have 2 kids and I love them to bits, being a parent is the hardest job I do.
Ive always been a single parent,not the smartest decision I agree but I have always just got on with it.

I never once set out to have kids,They just kinda happened and I wouldn't change them for the world.
Ive always said I'm having no more and people have said 'You cant say that,what if you meet a man you love,You'll have kids with him' and Ive laughed at them.
I have now met a man  and as much as I love babies, I still don't think I want anymore.

Wanting a baby for most is a longing deep down in there heart and I do have (everytime I cuddle a baby its there) that but reality sets in and I think of the long term, costs,bigger cars etc etc


Does this longing ever go away for some women? Will I wake one morning and think I don't like babies anymore? Will I need to change jobs?
What make some women have kids and some not?

Theres no easy answer I know that but will I wait till its too late??